Budding diplomat. Aspiring artist.

“We are the product of those who have inspired us” is a beautiful quote that I would love to believe. So this is where I document the things I feel have inspired me in some way. It’s something for the future me to look back upon, reread, most likely feel embarrassed about, and – hopefully – realize something new about myself.

For the sake of orderliness, I try to limit my posts to the following categories:

the People I’ve met;

the Books I’ve read (fiction or non-fiction);

the Places I’ve been, and (as a result);

my random Thoughts.

Each is its own source of inspiration for new perspectives in some way, shape, or form.

I would like to start this blog with the following quote from a former colleague from my Alma Mater: Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster City, PA, USA:

“The real lesson you learn in school isn’t seen from the things you’re able to recite; it’s how you’ve changed as a person after spending time there”

– Mrs. Joan Kauffman.